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RSS News Feed Parser

Click a News feed link to load the feed into this page, or type your own URL and click GO. This is an early proof of concept version, I do NOT expect the parsing code to be 100% robust... I'm working on it!
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Load News Feeds
WaSP v0.91
illogicz v0.91
notestips v1.0
ReadingEd v1.0
Dive into Mark v2.0

Or Try your own RSS feed
Get RSS Feed [v0.91 | v0.92 | v1.0 | v2.0 full support seems a bit patchy]

watch this space...

Revision History
v1.5 Added "last updated" code, currently only for display purposes
v1.4 Added v2.0 support but at the moment it is sketchy
v1.3 Support for RSS 0.9x 1.0
v1.2 Working with RSS 1.0 Only
v1.1 Changed to use parser rather than XSLT
v1.0 Basic news parser using XSLT

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