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HTTP Header Requests

[ie only]
These examples shows how connect to a server via HTTP and read the response using MSXML.

By default non-secure pages can only access servers in the domain they were downloded from. If you enter a domian other than mikezilla.com you might get a permission denied message.

Please Note
Why do I get a "permission denied" error when I try to invoke an operation?
You need to change the security settings in IE's "Tools\Internet Options...". (see below)

Select the Security tab.
You must create a custom security level based on the default, medium-level security settings. Only one setting need be changed:
You must enable "Access data sources across domains". Please follow these steps:
1. Click on the Custom Level button to bring up the Security Settings dialog box.
2. Scroll down to the Miscellaneous settings section.
3. Select the Enable or Prompt radio button under Access data sources across domains.
4. Click OK
5. Click Yes when asked if you are sure

If you cannot make the changes copy this page to your local machine and run it there.

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