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XML Scroller version 1.0: all original work © Mike Golding 2002
Version 1.0

this example reads in an XML file into a data island, calculates the "height" of the data from the number of records imported and scrolls the data for the correct amount of time for one screen.

Issues to be resolved
currently the fields within the data file are explicity referenced within the HTML, a method is required to make this dynamic.
Feature to add
I would like the scroller to accept two urls, one to the XML data and one to an XSLT which would convert the XML to basic format that the scroller understands, then parse the data displaying each element's data in the order it is specified. This should make it dynamic enough to be usable with any XML data.
Also, It would be nice to have Links embedded in the scrolling content.

Mike Golding

© Mike Golding 2002